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"We thoroughly enjoyed a full day and night in 3 of the wildlife hides. Our first experience was in the Dyke Hide where we were treated to a number of birds with the highlight being the green woodpecker. The second hide was one of our best ever experiences - the buzzard nest hide where we watched the 3 chicks feeding, wing stretching and then the adult bringing in food - Amazing is the only word for it. Our final hide was to watch for the owls. We were treated to no less than 8 visits from the tawny owl before we had to end our night from tiredness. The overall experience was brilliant from start to finish from the attention to detail in the hides through to the support from Tom throughout the day. Highly recommended." - Sharon and Darren Worrall

"I enjoyed a full and rewarding three days in three of Tom's hides - the barn and tawny owls at night were amazing, as was the buzzard the following day. The third day involved many woodland birds on an almost non-stop basis. Very successful. The hides are well equipped for long sessions with comfortable chairs and hot drinks facilities. I stayed for two nights at Tom's aunt's B&B which was absolutely first class and great value for money, in line with Tom's prices. Delighted to strongly recommend and I will be returning." - Steve Abbott

"I have been fortunate enough to have been to Tom Robinson's hides several times in the last few months. Every time I have been there I have had amazing opportunities to get some wonderful photos. His Tawny Owls are just incredible, as indeed were the Barn Owls. Tom has this extraordinary ability to think "out of the box" I got fabulous photos of both owls & swallows using flash off camera. His help & advice in setting it all up for you is superb. Must also add his Hides are the most comfortable I have ever used. His knowledge & experience is not let an opportunity pass if you are considering going there!" - David White

"Tom has put a tremendous amount of work, and time in to creating well constructed hides ,well sited hides and hides that cover some of the species not covered by other photographic hide companies. Hides are comfortable and situated to get good backgrounds and light. As well as the work put in to the hides tom has worked hard to create wildlife areas around the farm -areas set aside to wildflowers /meadow and has just created a large pond for wild life. Tom is a very fair person to deal with, and will go out of his way to accommodate the photographers needs, arranging set ups the photographer requires ,and giving any advise required ,or setting up long term projects for people to work on. He is both fair to his clients ,and the wildlife that visit the farm - All round nice guy!" - Carl McKie

"I’ve used Tom’s hides many times now, each time I have visited I have photographed a new species. On my last visit his hides granted me the chance to photograph buzzard, sparrowhawk and barn owl, all were truly wild and all in one day. It is definitely one of the best hide companies in the UK. Keep up the good work Tom." - Ali Basil

"I met Tom Robinson from Wildlife Photography Hides just over a year ago when his new business was just starting out. At the time I was quite interested in a number of opportunties that he had for photographing different species. Tom has worked around my demanding requirements for being in hides during early morning light to capture subjects such as the Grey Heron & Buzzard in the golden hours. Wildlife Photography Hides offer a differing service covering a wide range of species and are also willing to workaround the requirements of the photographer." - Ian Haskell

Our recommended sites

Greg Coyne works out of Bromham in Bedfordshire and is predominantly a Wildlife Photographer. He has travelled the world taking wildlife photographs and has achieved the Final Round for 2015 and 2016 in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the British Wildlife Photographer Awards, as well as winning the RSPB Give Nature a Home Competition in 2016. In addition Greg has had many photographs published in magazines and online publications. Greg offers one2one sessions and workshops in all of our hides so if you are a beginner to wildlife photography and want to move forward from staying on "auto" on your camera or maybe you just want some help to improve your portfolio of shots then Greg can help you achieve your goals. -

A very forward thinking company who are at the forefront of the affordable camera trapping world, they also sell a range of flash and remote release equipment. We use and cannot recommend their equipment highly enough. We use their equipment on many of our workshops and also on our on personal wide angle remote release photography. Check out the website. -

The UK’s best in suppling a vast range of products to the wildlife photographer and enthusiast alike. Here at wildlife photography hides we have a number of their dome hides which we use at nest sites and can also recommend their thermal lens wrap to combat lens condensation throughout the year. Check out the website -

Ian P Haskell is a landscape and nature photographer from Cambridgeshire. Over the years Ian has won a number of different awards in several national competitions. Ian has recently had two highly commended images in the BWPA, one of which was taken from the heron hide at our Lincolnshire site. Ian has been using our hides since 2015. Check out the website -