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Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 1

Lakshitha was awarded in the worlds biggest photography competition with this incredible image of an Otter at the 'Pond hide'. We just love the whiskers in this image - the otters use these to help them locate their prey underwater.

Lakshitha Karunarathna
Sony World Photography Awards 2020
National Award - Sri Lanka

Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 1

Andy came in 2018 and spent 2 nights in our 'Scaffold Hide' up at our local barn owls. The shot Andy chose to put forward perhaps wouldn’t have been our own first choice maybe going for a tighter image. Andy’s experience payed off here though choosing this image and converting to B&W has created something quite special - a fantastic composition along with excellent poses from the owls.

Andrew Rouse
The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
Highly Commended - Black and White
'Barn Owlets Fledging’

Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 1

Feargal Quinn came 3rd overall in the SINWIP nature photographer of the year with this incredible shot of the juvenile heron seemingly attempting some yoga at the pond hide. The image was taken last summer on a cool night which makes the waters surface erupt with mist.

Feargal Quinn
SINWP Bird Photographer of the Year 2019
3rd place overall
'Ghostly heron’

Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 1

Wildlife Photography Hides director Tom Robinson was shortlisted in the BPA in 2019 with his image ‘The Art of Flight’. This was taken during the development stage of the workshop that is now on offer through wildlife photography hides. Unfortunately the image didnt make it to the nomination stage however still worthy of a mention as it was selected among the top 400 image submitted into the competition. To see if we are currently offering this workshop check the active hides page or contact us.

Tom Robinson
The British Photography Awards 2019
Shortlisted - Birdlife Category
The Art of Flight

Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 5

Feargal’s mysterious shot of an otter taken at the pond hide last year (2019) has taken the top spot in one of Irelands biggest nature competitions. The image is fittingly titled ‘Midnight Poacher’.

Feargal Quinn
Irish Nature Photographer of the Year (IPF)
Overall Winner
‘Midnight Poacher'

Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 2

Wildlife Photography Hides director Tom Robinson was awarded in the man and nature category of the prestigious European Wildlife Photographer of the year in Germany. The image titled Monkey business was taken in Sri Lanka and shows a snake charmer with hide ‘pets’ designed to bring in money from tourists.

Tom Robinson
GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017
Highly Commended - Man & Nature
‘Monkey Business’

Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 3

Wildlife Photography Hides director Tom Robinson was awarded in the water life category of the prestigious British Photography Awards in London. The image titled Begging was taken at the pond hide and shows a young otter begging for food from the mother.

Tom Robinson
British Photography Awards
Finalist - Water Life

Wildlife Hides | Accolade Image 4

Ian Haskell achieved a Highly commended in the Animal Behaviour category of the well known British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2016 with this image titled “Young Herons Feeding Time' The image was taken from one of our scaffold hides which at the time was up at our local heronry.

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016
Highly Commended -Animal Behaviour
'Young Heron Feeding Time'