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Wildlife Photography Hides are not liable for any loss and or damage to personal equipment.

Wildlife Photography Hides are not liable for any personal accident and or injury.

Booking onto any hide day means that you accept Wildlife Photography Hides terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

1. All our hides are situated on a working farm, care should be taken when walking around the yard for machinery and whilst walking in the fields for livestock.

2. Please ensure you close any gates that you go through.

3. When you want to leave the hide please call ahead and someone will come and meet you at the hide, this is done to protect the wildlife.

4. Photography is only permitted from inside one of our hides

5. The fields may be wet and muddy so appropriate foot ware should be work

6. Smoking inside the hides is strictly forbidden.

7. Booking into any of our hides means that you accept Wildlife Photography Hides disclaimer.


Full payment is expected before arrival at any of our hides.

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