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Hide Rentals

Swallows - High speed flash setup - AM/PM sessions £80

The swallows are slowly returning to the UK now and we have plans to put a setup in place once again this year. It’s a really fun session with timing being everything in capturing the perfect image as they pass into the barn to feed their young. Quite often you can get 100 passes in a session so lots of chances to capture them in a good pose. We use flash for the exposure as the short pulse of light freezes the action without the need for high ISO on cloudy days.

Bookings being taken over email - get in touch now and we will be back in touch with you once we know the exact dates.

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The Wired Hide - Kestrels & Tawny Owl - COMING SOON

We have begun working with our kestrels here at the farm as they are on territory and preparing to breed. We concentrate our sessions with these during when their activity around the hide peaks from May - July when they are busy bringing up their young. We have birds present and feeding now and up until our official opening date are happy to run some stripped down sessions at a cut rate so if you are interested in visiting in April get in touch on email.

Pond Hide - Diving in the dark workshops - £299

A different take on a diving kingfisher image, with this setup we are using artificial light with a slow shutter speed to capture the motion in the dive with the bird still sharp. This session works best with one photographer at a time using the hide however if you are willing to take the dives from the kingfisher in turns with a photography friend of yours then it is possible to use the setup as a pair. The price is for the whole hide so the cost is split if you are coming with someone. The lighting equipment and tuition is also included.

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Pond Hide - Kingfishers, Otters, Herons - Day, Night or 24hrs - £120 - £220

After a very challenging winter with all the rain we have experienced we are pleased to say the hide is back open and dry again. March is the best time of the year to stand the chance of witnessing the kingfishers courtship rituals as they prepare for their first clutch. The hide is open nocturnally which concentrates on otter and grey heron. Summer bookings for a nocturnal session will most likely catch a few kingfisher visits in the early morning before the session finishes.

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available year round making the perfect gift for your photographer friends and family.

We can do a voucher to any value - contact us for more information.

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Post-processing workshop - Pond Hide - £140

April 18th - SOLD OUT

April 19th - SOLD OUT

April 20th - SOLD OUT


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We will be running this workshop again in the autumn - be sure to be subscribed to the mailing list to get the info direct to your inbox.




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Raptor hide (Wiltshire) - Buzzards and Red Kites - £140pp

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Wiltshire Raptor Hide - Buzzards, Kites & Corvids

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