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Certainly one of the most beautiful and sought after of the british birds the Kingfisher is a joy to watch at such close quarters. The resident pair use our pond hide throughout the year to feed at and usually nest a few hundred yards further up stream. We have built some artificial nesting chambers along the river bank and should they choose our burrows we will offer a more intimate view of them inside the nest chamber*.

We developed some techniques using artificial light last year to offer a more unique image of the Kingfishers straight dive. Information on these workshops will be released through the newsletter and added to the Flash Photography Workshop page. .

To see if we are currently working with this species see the active hides page.


April - October

October - April

May - August




Inside the nest chamber


Times to suit

Dawn - Dusk

2hrs Guided Sessions





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*We are schedule 1 licence holders for Kingfishers and have been granted a special licence by Natural England to photograph within the nest chamber. Sessions are run under the strict supervision of the licence holder.

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