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Parasite Cuckoo

The extraordinary breeding behaviour of the cuckoo is one of nature’s great spectacles and witnessing it first hand from just a few metres away is a very memorable experience. The hosts work tirelessly to feed the cuckoo’s insatiable appetite and the nest sees visits every few minutes for most the day. Once hatched, cuckoos only remain in the nest for 16-20 days and the best time for photography is during the final week before they fledge. By this time they are so big they can no longer sit inside the cup of the nest so opt to sit on top making the differences in sizes of the adult and young most emphasised.

As the nature of the site is in a dark place flash is supplied for your use should you feel you need it.

As it is such a short time frame you would need to be flexible and come at short notice. Information will be released through the newsletter.

To see if we are currently working with this species see the active hides page.


May - July


Within Norfolk reeds


4hrs session am/pm



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