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Red Fox

A very endearing subject to photograph at such close quarters the red fox is unfortunately still widely persecuted making them extremely wary. This is perhaps why holds such a draw for wildlife photographers and hence a very rewarding subject to photograph. The foxes visiting our hides are ‘countryside’ foxes making them nothing like their city counterparts you may be familiar with. If the fox is likely to make up part of your multi species hide rental then please don’t wear strong smelling perfumes and upon the fox arriving care should be taken with lens movements and noise levels in the hide to maximise the photo opportunities.

During the winter the foxes are mainly nocturnal and flash* is required to expose the subject, we are yet to see how these foxes behave during the summer and hope they begin coming in during the day when they have a family to care for.

To see if we are currently working with this species see the active hides page.

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Year round


Open grassland


Dusk - Dawn



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*Flashes are available to hire and come with tuition. Reserve a set at time of booking.