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The Scaffold Hide

This isn't a hide for the feint hearted as it is usually elevated to a height of up to 3m. We use professional scaffolders to erect the framework which we then place a canvas cover over to create the hide. Ladders are used to access and handrails and kick boards are installed. This system has been right across the country with us and has been used with everything from golden eagle to goldfinch and lots in-between.

Camera support -
Shelf & Tripods
Seating -
Dining room chairs
Composting toilet -
12v lighting -
Heating -
Hot water -
Optimum lens -
Various (information released in newsletter advert)
Angle of view -
Same level as subject (1 portal pp)
Aspects -
Max participants -
Nocturnal species -
Diurnal species -
Dependant on the species that present good photographic opportunities during the breeding season
Backgrounds -
Various (information released in newsletter advert)
Orientation -
Various (information released in newsletter advert)
Distance from Parking -

This hide is almost always sold species specific.

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Inside the Hide

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Images taken from the Hide

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Hide Rules

  • If you need to leave the hide for any reason please phone ahead and someone will come and escort you. This is done to protect the hide from irreparable damage that can happen should the wildlife see you leave
  • Some of our hides are on a privately owned lake complex. Please do not leave the hide during your session and wander around as it is part of the agreement from the land owners that all guest will be escorted on and off the site
  • Our other hides are on pasture and livestock graze the fields. We cannot stress enough how important it is to shut gates behind you and check that they have latched shut
  • Please don’t leave the hide during the session and change the setup - phone ahead and we will come and help should there be a problem
  • Please leave the hide as you found it and take all litter home with you.


Wildlife photography hides are not liable for any personal accident and or injury.
Wildlife photography hides are not liable for any loss and or damage to personal items/equipment.
Booking onto hide days, tours or a workshop means that you accept the terms and conditions stated.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure a visit by the birds, they are completely wild and so we can never guarantee this.